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4 Misconceptions About Dual Shore LPOs: The rise of legal process outsourcing in the Philippines

by: http://www.americandiscovery.com/ June 29, 2016 Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) has become a multi-billion dollar industry globally. The ability to deliver high quality legal support services at a lower cost has spurred rapid growth of LPOs over the last five years. However, the legal industry continues to have misconceptions about the dual shore LPOs model, where resources are located both in the U.S. and in other countries, and the benefits it offers. While India and the Philippines lead the way in offshore LPO offerings, companies in a number of countries have begun offering legal services, including Canada, Israel, Ireland, South Africa, and a few Latin American countries. the Philippines has recently positioned itself as the leading dual shore...
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LPO Market Trends and Growth Figures

by: STEVE October 28, 2011 According to the author: LPO started as a low end work which was mainly transcription. Now in India LPO has changed into a highly knowledge intensive work. The advantages that Indian LPO’s enjoy are: Time zone Large English speaking population Awareness of law doctrines Low cost of labour Attorneys qualified from US and UK Support provided by Indian LPO vendors round the clock Quality of work done by Indians Legal process outsourcing providers in India now offer end to end solutions in legal domain than one off services. Small LPO providers were forced to shut down as they were not able to reach a scale where they can operate profitably. Small LPO clubbed with other LPO suppliers to prevent complete shutdown. LPO industry...
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Legal Process Outsourcing Market Analysis by Location, Service and Segment Forecasts to 2020

by: Grand View Research, Inc., USA April 2014 According to the author: Industry Insights Cost savings and improving service levels are the key driving forces of the global LPO market. The global market was estimated to be USD 1,085 million in 2012, which is expected to reach USD 8,568.5 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 29.6% from 2014 to 2020. Location Insights Offshore LPO services are primarily delivered to countries such as India and the Philippines. Since outsourcing business activities leads to numerous concerns, The American Bar Association (ABA) provides guidelines for selecting an LPO provider. These focus on issues such as conflicts of interest, confidentiality, disclosure to clients, billing practices, etc. Service Insights Document review...
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