LegisPro offers a variety of services that address clients' needs primarily but not limited to the document review and due diligence process. In any document review project, logical document boundaries and attachment relationships are critical to the validity and efficiency of the database used for the review. Processing and Coding services refer to the setting up and organization prior to actual review. Other services available pertain to research, case summarization and contract management needs. These are discussed in more detail below.


LegisPro can assist in the collection, extraction and filtering of digitized documents. Our Team Leads are trained and experienced in the use of tools that can filter and extract relevant information and metadata from a wide range of file formats. Our services offer advanced keyword search capabilities , de-duplication and can separate e-mail files and attachments. We can filter data according to the specifications and requirements of your project requirements and convert recovered data to a database loadable file.

Processing and Coding

Litigation document processing and coding services include scanning of relevant documents and relevant data, unitizing scanned documents, coding of documents in compliance with the Coding Manual, creating the database in review platform to be used.

Coordinate with client's project manager on all needed specifications for unitizing, coding, and formatting.

Electronic Document Review

Electronic document review on any litigation matter including but not limited to intellectual property matters, environmental law class action suits, real estate defaults and foreclosure cases, corporate litigation, mergers and acquisition litigation.

We can provide machine and human translation of documents in a foreign language depending on client's needs.

LegisPro has developed its own software program, LegisProView (LPV), which complements its legal document review and due diligence work.

Litigation Support

  • Research

    Legal research; patent research; trademark, copyright and industrial design research.

  • Case Summary

    Brief summary of relevant facts, legal issues raised and resulting decision/s or award/s granted by the governing body, e.g., international arbitration tribunals and US federal courts.

Due Diligence

Services for various transactions include pre/post merger due diligence, public companies’ corporate profile, and preparation of disclosure schedules.

Contact Management

  • Contract Drafting
  • Summarizing and Maintenance of contracts
  • Creating and Maintaining of contract databases
  • Analysis and Comparing contracts with model agreements, identifying differences and standardization of agreements.
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